Review- Love That Split the World by Emily Henry

Natalie is different than the rest of her little Kentucky town, always has been. During her last summer before heading to college, Natalie receives a visit from Grandmother; a being that has always visited her at nighttime, a being that only Natalie can see. This sets off a chain of events that has Natalie trying to save the boy she just met, but who she is in love with as well; a boy that only Natalie can see. An amazing story with beautiful Native tales woven into it, that explores not only first love, but the love that one must have for themselves. Will highly recommend, and looking forward to more novels from Emily Henry! ~Teresa Steele


I rarely do contemporary romance, but decided to give this a shot because of the time travel/parallel timelines premise, and boy am I glad/MAD that I did. It made me cry in public, for which I can never forgive it. Emily Henry perfectly captures the summer between high school and college. A sea of new beginnings and ending friendships and hopefulness and doubt, and all those other wonderful and awful things. This is a romance, but the friendships in this book really shine. Natalie and Megan gave me as many feelings (maybe more) as Natalie and Beau. And ugh, Beau; he’s great. I also really loved Grandmother’s insistence on oral storytelling, and the stories themselves. Such a beautiful novel. I wish I didn’t have so many books to get through so I could just sit here and stare into space for several days. ~Allison Senecal


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