Review-Revenge and the Wild by Michelle Modesto

9780062366153_69fe5 (1)

Vampires, magic and mechanical arms, oh my!! Westie is trying to avenge her family’s death at the hands of cannibals, yes cannibals. With help from her surrogate father, Nigel a steampunk engineering genius, and Alley, her crush that happens to be Nigel’s other surrogate child, Westie will have her day! Michelle Modesto has written a whimsical novel that has everything I could have hoped for and more! ~Teresa Steele

I wrote an essay on Goodreads and I will try to pare it down. Where do I even BEGIN? This book has everything: vampires, some steampunk, magic, cannibals, pet chupacabras, child psychopaths, weaponized parasols, werewolves, a sweaty and foul-mouthed heroine with a mechanical arm. Also, pretty dresses. I’ve read a few books that try to cram a lot of “stuff” into one setting, and it rarely works well. “Revenge and the Wild” somehow seamlessly blends all of the above elements into a believable world. The magic is straightforward: there is magic, the Wintu control it, and everything that is magical or needs magic ….. contains or uses the existing magic. Simple. No more on that, because spoilers, but I promise the creatures fit into everything and don’t clutter the narrative. The steampunk elements really only surface in Nigel’s inventions: Alistair’s mask, Westie’s arm, some airships, Emma, etc. You don’t get the feeling that, crammed in with everything else, there’s also a giant steampunk theme underlying the narrative. And then Westie herself: a foul-mouthed, mechanical arm-wielding, cannibal-hunting, recovering alcoholic. She’s pretty damn great, I guess. I’ll let her speak for herself. Also, lots of cannibals. So many cannibals. Cannibals equal parts terrify and interest me, and I shouldn’t have read this as late at night as I did. ~Allison Senecal



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