Review- Beyond the Red by Ava Jae

9781634506441_75275 (2)

Set in a different world, one where humans are the enemy and aliens are at the top of the social pyramid; Eros is a half-breed and Kora is the queen of the alien race. Thrown together by circumstance they must figure out a way to protect and help each other. Ava Jae has created an incredibly lush world; filled with everything one would imagine and created characters that you cheer for. Will be highly recommending! ~Teresa Steele

Non-stop sci fi action and a few steamy bits made this an intensely fun read! I enjoyed that Kora, one of our two main characters, was an alien and not human. She and Eros interact believably (for their incredibly different statuses) and every scene between them is taut with tension, both romantic and otherwise. The world-building, especially the structure of the Sepharon kingdoms, was pretty fascinating, and I loved Jae’s use of little language quirks like “sortuv” for “sort of” etc. A good deal of crossover appeal to adult sci-fi readers. ~Allison Senecal

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