Review- Borderline by Mishell Baker

Definitely the best urban fantasy novel I’ve read in aaaaaages. Millie Millie Millie. Sharply written, fully realized Millie. Her voice, her vulnerability, her biting sarcasm. Alternatingly lovable and terrible, and often both simultaneously. Millie is the main strength and focus of this novel, and as much as this will definitely appeal generally to fans of urban fantasy, it will also find an audience with readers who simply love great character-driven books. The other Arcadia Project agents are also fully fleshed out and boy, does my heart hurt. Not to mention, I’m such a sucker for stuff with the fey and Baker has written a WONDERFULLY refreshing take on it. Millie’s comments about BPD and her reactions to other people’s comments about her BPD (and her prostheses) are incredibly nuanced. The reactions to her prostheses are something I related to pretty deeply, as I grew up with a (terrible-looking) prosthetic eye. Finding a balance between self-deprecation, defensiveness, and angry comebacks, being comfortable with some people’s comments and not others’, etc etc. Anyways, a wonderful book. I’m happy to finally be hooked on another urban fantasy series!

~Allison Senecal



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