Your reading forecast

March can mean some really wacky weather in Colorado.

One day it will be 70, and the next it will be back to 30. We can have a lot of rain, or a lot of snow depending on elevation and the year. Often March and April are the months with the most snow here. REALLY no joke.

May is when it starts to actually feel like Spring and creeping into summer where it will be in the 90s and 100s much of July and August and by September there is a chance for snow again.

I kid you not, look it up.

Anyway, even though Colorado doesn’t adhere to weather norms we do enjoy seasonal lineups with other things such as the book business, holidays and more!

In the book business the spring and summer months mean a plunge into beach reads and back into the fall and winter lineups for Christmas. It’s a time when we plan out the rest of the year in a business stand point, but in the book world it means we are reading what is coming out for the rest of the year and picking favorites to share with all of you.

This year some of the best trends we are seeing is in “Teen Books” but not because they are great “teen books” but because they are fantastic reads in general. Subscribe today and keep glued to our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc for our favorite things. Which just to happen to correspond with some awesome author events coming down the track!


Rebecca Lee Robinson

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