Review- Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnston

Hermoine is the girl everyone loves and wants to be. Good student, beloved daughter and excellent cheerleader. When Hermoine is raped, she is determined to forge her own path on how it affects her life. Surrounded by loved ones that support her, no matter what, Hermoine faces her future with courage and strength. E.K. Johnston has written an amazing book that deals with such dark topics; but she has done so with grace and honesty. Hermoine is now my new favorite strong character! ~Teresa Steele


I mentioned this when I read her A THOUSAND NIGHTS, but Johnston is an amazing writer. Amazing. This book is completely different from that book, but also very much WOW. First of all, this definitely isn’t a novel about /everyone’s/ experience with rape. It’s a very “neat” narrative, if you want to put it that way. It’s a little “safe”. And I think that’s a good thing, for a change. Hermione (a great narrative voice, btw) has a supportive network of friends, family, and authority figures that helps her deal with being date raped. Not everyone does, but some people do. This happens to be the story of someone who /does/. There’s almost no abrasive whodunit aspect, and everything is focused around Hermione and her recovery instead of on figuring out the identity of her rapist. Hermione and Polly’s beautiful/wonderful/amazing friendship lies at the heart of this book, and that’s perfectly ok. Hermione would probably be ok with that too. Manages to be honest, gut-wrenching, /and/ hopeful. ~Allison Senecal


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