Review- The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead


A solid opening to a ~glittering~ new series! Adelaide lacks the narrative charm of Rose from Vampire Academy (still my favorite Mead series), but I’m really looking forward to Tamsin’s and Mira’s points-of-view in the next two books. Since this is told entirely from Adelaide’s perspective, we have yet to see some more interesting events that take place off-screen. What happened during Tamsin’s shipwreck? What happens when Mira repeatedly sneaks off? I wish there had been a bit more world-building, especially since the story lacks Vampire Academy’s general luridness, but knowing Mead, she’ll expand on it more in later books. Mead fans will stick with it for the romance, and it should add to her readership, appealing to fans of teen historical fiction (the world is a loosely alternate version of Europe and the New World)

~Allison Senecal


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