Review- The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas


So. This was about as dark as it can go while remaining a teen novel. If it had been written for an adult audience, I probably would have been significantly less inclined to read this before bed. Even then, it’s not really a dreamless sleep kind of book. Don’t want to say too much, due to risk of spoilers, but this is a hair-raisingly quick read that delves into…well, the darkest corners of small-town America. (Bonus creep-out points because I went to school in Pittsburgh and took the train by dead-end former steel towns like Fayette several times a year.) There also happen to be not one, but two, very intriguing central characters in Tessa and Callie. I’m terrible at figuring out mysteries, but I’m pretty sure everyone else will be flummoxed by this one as well. Great for fans of April Henry and Liars Inc., but also has immense crossover potential for readers of authors like Gillian Flynn, Tana French, and Heather Gudenkauf. ~Allison Senecal



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