Review-HEX by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Hex has one of the craziest and most original horror premises I’ve ever had the pleasure (horror) of reading. The town of Black Spring has been cursed (haunted, occupied, pick a word) for 350 years by the Black Rock Witch. She shows up in their homes, walks the streets, and is otherwise a fixture in the daily lives of the town’s inhabitants. There are festivals and witch tours in the woods. There’s even an app the townsfolk use to track her whereabouts by signing in with the time and place of the current sighting. The local teens have made her a subject of taunting and bullying, and there’s a town-watch that tries to keep people from moving in and becoming part of the curse. The first part of the book made me laugh cringingly just because of how …. normal it is for everyone to see this terrifying apparition. A mother casually throws a dishcloth over the witch’s face while she stands silently in a corner of their living room. The Council members hide her with an Easter Bunny cutout when she stands in the supermarket too long. It’s still horrifying but there’s a slightly unhinged and comic element early on. Then it just devolves into slow-creeping horror and eventually sheer terror. One for fans of Lindqvist, Hill, and of course, Stephen King.

~Allison Senecal




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