Review- The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi

What we have here is a stunning novel about reincarnation and memories, fate and choice. There is a host of gods, demons, creatures, and beings from Indian folklore. There is a timeless love story. There are bonds of sisterhood and bonds of friendship. Whispering doors, crystal trees, flesh-eating horses. I could go on and on and on. I love LUSH writing. Tactile, sensory writing. I am the only person on this earth that loves the word “moist”, because yeah it’s slightly off-putting, but you can also feel it. (I always think of it as sinking your fingers into cool soil??) Chokshi’s novel swells with this kind of writing. It’s sensuous, it’s creepy, it’s inviting, it’s edible. I LOVE IT. Maya is wonderful and so are her interactions with Amar, Gauri, Kamala, her father….pretty much everyone. Bonus: they’re all intriguing characters in their own rights. In a nutshell: great, deep world-building with tricky, nuanced characters and some truly mind-blowing imagery. I never quite knew where this story was taking me, and that’s fine because I loved every twisty moment of it.  ~Allison Senecal
Roshani Chokshi has written a utterly beautiful, enticing, rich novel that will take readers on a thrilling, heartbreaking journey. Demons, gods, glass forests, jewel fruit that you can eat are just some of the incredible things you encounter with Maya on her journey. Friendship, love, sisterhood and believing in yourself are the main themes that Maya discovers throughout the book. Indian folklore weaves a captivating spell and further enticed my unrequited love for India.
~Teresa Steele

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