Review- Ruined by Amy Tintera

This is pretty much if you took the tv show Revenge and popped it into a fantasy setting and toned down the mother-in-law (a little). And I loved Revenge so….. The world-building is pretty typical, but it works, and I really loved the characters. Tintera’s world is diverse and women are apparent in every level of society, in every kingdom, and holding every position imaginable. I found myself hoping this would turn into a love-triangle because I really thought Em and Iria had great chemistry. ALAS. I did find myself liking Cas a lot, against my will. I really loved Em, especially the way she’d analyze the nearest weapon and escape route upon entering a room. She’s not perfect, especially not morally, and I loved the conversation Em and Cas had towards the end of the novel about their respective parents. A really strong first in series, and I’ll definitely be looking forward to book 2 next year! Perfect for Sarah J. Maas and Victoria Aveyard fans.
~Allison Senecal


To save a country that doesn’t appreciate her, Emelina has always had to do things differently. Em is amazing; strong, independent, loyal and kickass with a sword. Revenge is foremost in her mind and she will stop at nothing to attain it. Enter Cas, a handsome, thoughtful prince that may just be the one person that could sway Em’s mind. A wonderful new voice in fantasy, and I cannot wait to see how Tintera continues Em and Cas’ story!
~Teresa Steele

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