Review-This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

This Savage Song is pretty much just one big stew of two of my favorite themes/tropes: humans can be the biggest monsters and real monsters aren’t always what they seem. So I loved this. The “Sin City + Romeo/Juliet – romance” (PAY ATTN TO THE “MINUS ROMANCE” part of that) author pitch is spot-on, and I got so many other vibes from this book, even if they’re not really similar to what this is about. Blade Runner, 30 Days of Night (definitely how I pictured the Malchai), From Dusk til Dawn, and even Mad Max (maybe all the silver teeth and metallic nails, etc plus the Waste). I love great world-building, especially when it involves interesting monsters and Schwab’s Malchai, Sunai, and Corsai are so awesome and each terrifying in their own ways. I got chills every time Kate queued up footage of a monster. The relationships are what really make this book. Kate’s relationship with her father, the dynamics of the Flynn household (2 humans, 3 monsters of varying monstrousness), Kate and August’s not-quite-friendship-but-ultimately-kinda-trusting-team-up, etc etc. Ilsa and August’s scenes will stick with me for a while. Basically: a must-read action-packed, gruesome, gritty, haunting YA/adult crossover neo-noir.

~Allison Senecal


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