Our love for our patrons is UNBOUNDED!

First, thank you thank you THANK YOU! to everyone who attended our event with Brandon Sanderson on Tuesday. The event was a great success. It may have been a long night, but the laughs never stopped. Again, thank you!

Brandon Sanderson was amazing and stuck around at the Midtown Arts Center until midnight signing books and talking to fans. (Also, a thank you the staff at Midtown for putting up with us for so long.) He probably wont ever see this, but thanks Brandon! We hope you’ll come back to Fort Collins soon (maybe for ComicCon…).

On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone for making my first big event as the new Events Coordinator for Old Firehouse Books such a huge success. Thanks for laughing at my jokes and playing along with my Hobbit trivia (you can take the girl out of New Zealand but you can’t take New Zealand out of the girl).

If you weren’t able to attended the event, I’m sorry. But! We do have lots of signed Brandon Sanderson books at the store (not Arcanum Unbounded, we sold out!). So come on down and buy your loved ones signed books for Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever holiday you might celebrate. Books always make good gifts.

This isn’t even all of them!

For those who missed out on getting a copy of Arcanum Unbounded at the event, don’t worry. We will be ordering more into the store, and you can use your ticket for $5 off the book until the end of the year! Whoo!

I shall now leave you with photos from the amazing event.



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