41t62ph9xgl-_sx330_bo1204203200_Life in a Fishbowl by Len Vlahos is like watching a Hollywood movie.  An especially well done movie.  The story flows so smooth and logical, it is defiantly watching a master writer at work.

The plot is Stone family in Portland, which is on the brink when father Jared is given the news he has an inoperable brain tumor.  He has a short time to live and no fortune to support his family and insure college for his daughters Jackie and Megan. Burdened by this, Jared goes first to ebay to attempt to sell his life (or death as it were) and when that falls through, he agrees to make the end of his life a reality TV show.

There is a gathering of villains, some just evil like the producer Ethan Overbee, some just really misguided like Sister Benedict.  The family members in desperation unite to fight back for their own dignity and fate.  A crazy cast of friends and supportive strangers unite to support Jackie in her efforts to show her reality.  All working up to a crescendo to allow Jared dignity and the family the money to survive the inevitable death.  Highly recommended.