What We’re Reading

As Booksellers, we’re always reading. And one of our favorite things to do is talk about what we’re reading! So check out a few of the titles we’re loving right now.


Julie is Reading:

lincoln in the bardo

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An intricately woven collage of voices, comments, and facts, weave a portrait of grief and transformation. Levitating!


Renee is Reading:


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A Conjuring of Light (the 3rd in the Shades of Magic trilogy) is proving itself to be everything I hoped for. I’ve laughed, I’ve sighed, and had many an “oh, no!” moment. the next 500 pages are sure to thrill.


Melanie is Reading:


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Daniel Handler (the author behind the Series of Unfortunate Events) is a master with words and this novel is no exception. For anyone who’s ever gone through a break-up, Min and Ed’s story will resonate.


Tara is Reading:


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I’ve been impressed with Rebecca Solnit for many years now, and her series of essays Hope in the Dark, does not disappoint. She shares why we should maintain a sense of hope even when times seem dark, especially in regards to activism and changing the world. Part history lesson, part memoir, and part inspiration, this collection will keep you thinking and engaged even when the world might get you down.


Allison is Reading:


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A delicious Victorian fantasy romp in the vein of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen…if they were gentlewomen! Great for genre fans and classics nerds who loved Shelley, Doyle, and Stevenson. Includes hilarious editorial notes from some of the characters. (Doesn’t come out until June! So add it to your TBR list!


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