Review: The Boy in the Earth by Fuminori Nakamura

Nakamura has become one of my favorite writers; he is lyrical but chooses his words carefully…almost sparse with them so that they seem to pack more of punch, IMO.
This book starts with the unnamed main character getting the sh*t beat out of him by a motorcycle gang….in fact this man has become so obsessed with his own death that he begins to black out with dark fantasies. As the story progresses, he is forced to confront his traumatic past in order to move into the unknown future.

I have read all of Nakamura’s books, at least those available in English, so I was expecting this story to be dark but I have to say that out of all his books I think this one was the darkest. Grab this one when you want a short read but something that will make you think about it for days to come.


Pre-order a copy!

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