National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, an annual event that began in 1996 with support from the Academy of American Poets. The month long celebration includes Poem-a-day readings, a poetry series for teachers, the Dear Poet project, and many more activities and celebrations put on by the Academy of American Poets. Bookstores, libraries, and schools across the country are hosting their own events in celebration, as well.

Here at Old Firehouse, we have a selection of events happening in celebration! Join us for a poetry reading on April  19th with local poets Sasha Steensen, Camille Dungy, Aby Kaupang, and Mary Crow (More info here). Or check out our Family Friday event on April 14th at 6 p.m. for a Rhyming Workshop appropriate for all ages. You can also celebrate National Poetry Month with us over social media as we post “Book poems” every week!

One of the best ways to celebrate National Poetry Month (and us!) is by supporting the artists who create such beautiful works. We’ve gathered a list of poetry books and anthologies that we love, as well as a link for you to order a copy!



If you’re new to poetry, or just want a giant collection of phenomenal poems, this is the book to get. With big names like Joy Harjo and Allen Ginsberg, it includes poetry of every variety — song lyrics, beat poems, etc. While it was published in 1999, the 600-page volume has not lost its relevance or its power.

Grab a copy!



Intended for young women from twelve to twenty, this poetry anthology is an incredible and inspiring collection from strong, fierce self-identifying women poets. The collection covers a variety of topics with humor, emotion, and honest advice.

Grab a copy!



Mindy Nettifee is an award-winning writer and poet with two published poetry collections (and she was a co-editor of the book above, Courage!). Rise of the Trust Fall is a collection filled with emotional honesty and the raw power that comes from such honesty.

Grab a copy!



This Oklahoma City-based poet is a founder of Oklahoma Young Writers, political activist and TED-talk performer. Her collection, The Smell of Good Mud, is a powerful compilation of poetry that addresses queer parenting, political considerations, and the conservative landscape of Oklahoma.

Grab a copy!


Find more info about National Poetry Month here.

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