What We’re Reading

As Booksellers, we’re always reading. And one of our favorite things to do is talk about what we’re reading! So check out a few of the titles we’re loving right now.




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This story is wonderful! It follows a woman working undercover for the Loyal League as a slave. She meets a Pinkerton detective who, despite her efforts to resist the feelings, pulls at her heartstrings. As they work together to bring about the downfall of the Confederacy they grow closer, but their relationship is not only unrecognized and unaccepted by society, it could get them killed.




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This monumental new work from Annie Proulx begins with two indentured servants, Charles Duquet and Rene Sel, as they arrive in the unforgiving wilderness of New France.

We follow the descendants of these two men through the centuries, through war and pestilence, feast and famine, to the global environmental crisis we are seeing today. A completely immersive reading experience from a beloved American master.




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“Roanoke girls never last long around here. In the end, we either run or we die.” ~Amy Engel

Thus begins a journey of one Roanoke girl, Lane, returning to a place she swore she would never return to; in search of another Roanoke girl, Allegra. Along the way Lane will discover secrets that will shock her very existence to the core. A gripping read had me on the edge of my seat until the end.




Grab a copy!

On Tyranny is a bare-bones lesson in modern examples of Fascism and Totalitarianism. Snyder presents his information in an easy to absorb list format, each item giving you historical context, warning signs, and ways to defend against common pitfalls and traps. Vital and eye-opening reading for engaged citizens of the world.


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