What We’re Reading

As Booksellers, we’re always reading. And one of our favorite things to do is talk about what we’re reading! So check out a few of the titles we’re loving right now.




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I’ve had anxiety for as long as I can remember, and I originally picked up this book simply because it was about anxiety. But even knowing it was about a disorder I’m quite familiar with, I was surprised by how much I related to everything the author has experienced. If you or anyone you know suffers from anxiety, read this book.




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This is book is a reflective letter on the first wife of a grieving widow’s husband, catching her up on what she’s missed over the years. And in the process freeing herself of burdens she put upon herself. This makes it sound much worse than it is. It’s a great book!




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Someone tried to kill Mariko, and in response she harnesses her inner bada$$, dresses up as a boy, and heads into the forest to hunt down those she believes to be responsible. This is a fast paced adventure set in feudal Japan, complete with ninjas, Bushido, magic, and of course a mysterious and handsome boy. Teen lit at its most entertaining.




Publication date: Oct. 3rd, 2017 (Pre-order here in a couple months!)

An epic fantasy steeped in romance, legend, and demon-blood. Seriously, this one is amazing. Put it on your radar. Rivera manages to be sweeping yet intimate in her storytelling.

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