Mother’s Day Book Suggestions

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 14th! Consider this your reminder in case you’ve forgotten the date. Now go make brunch plans, hiking plans, or spa day plans to blow your Mom away with your thoughtfulness. And to give the day a little extra oomph, stop by our store and pick up a gift (we’ll even wrap it for you!).

It’s not too late to get something to celebrate the Moms’ in your life. And there’s no better gift than a book! Here are suggestions for the perfect gift — just in case you’re getting a little old for the crayons and folded-paper cards of your past.

For the joker mom:


This humorous book pairs different types of wine with the oftentimes exhausting perils of motherhood. Perfect for the wine-lover in your life. (Grab a copy!)

For the chef mom:


This is the end-all-be-all of cookbooks. With 4,500 recipes, and an encyclopedia of ingredients, Joy of Cooking is a must-have kitchen companion. (Get a copy!)

For sentimental moms:


A collection of quotes and thank yous, this little book is perfect for the mom who deserves a big thank you. (Grab it here!)


This collection of quotes and pictures is the perfect gift for a mom who you want to appreciate year-round. With little inspirations for every day of the year, it’s a lovely gift. (Grab one here!)

For the want-to-be gardener mom:


This comprehensive book is perfect for the mom who wants to jump into gardening but isn’t sure where to start. With tons of easy projects, she’ll be a gardening pro in no time. (Get a copy!)

For the soon-to-be mom:


This laugh-out-loud book is full of little truths about pregnancy for any soon-to-be-mom. (Grab a copy!)

For the mom who loves a good story:


This story follows two women on their paths of motherhood—centering around one boy. A heart-warming and thought-provoking tale, this is perfect for the mom in your life who loves to get lost in a good book. (Grab a copy!)

If your Mom has a library of her own, already, here are some non-book suggestions:


Get your mom an organic Garden-in-a-Jar! She can grow Mint, Cilantro, and Basil from a mason jar. Just add water and leave it in the sun. Before you know it your mom will have fresh herbs for salads, cocktails, or garnish for the dinner you’ll be cooking her (wink wink, nudge nudge). We have the organic mint jars available in our store!


These lovely earrings are by Made From Books — a company that creates beautiful and unique jewelry from—you guessed it—books! These pieces are perfect for the book-loving mom in your life. We have a selection of earrings and necklaces available in our store.


This bag from Out of Print is perfect for the mom that spends all her time at the library (or the bookstore!). We have this design, along with many others (including shirts) available in our store!


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