As Booksellers, we’re always reading. And one of our favorite things to do is talk about what we’re reading! So check out a few of the titles we’re loving right now.

Melanie: When Dimple Met Rishi


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This book is the cutest book in the entire world! There’s flirting and adorableness, a strong young woman and a kind, gentle young man, and endless swoon-y moments. Truly, it’s fantastic.


Liz: Things We Lost In the Fire


Some truly well-crafted story-telling that will leaving your spine tingling long after you’ve turned out the light. Enriquez creates lush and well-fleshed out worlds in seemingly a few sentences, with characters, who despite their sometimes dire situations, seem all-together human and familiar in frighteningly unfamiliar circumstances. If you’re looking for something new to make you fear noises in the night, this collection is it.