Review: An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

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*lies down*

Superb writing. PERFECTLY EXECUTED ROMANCE. Good work addressing power dynamics because fae/faerie/fair folk are pretty alien and f***ed up and not into personal space. Also so funny. Surprisingly so. And not forced at all. ALSO creepy as hell. The cover screams “SJM FANS WILL WET THEMSELVES OVER THIS” but the story is very “WITCHER 3 LEVEL MOIST FORESTY SCARES AND A CINNAMON ROLL FAE PRINCE”. And to top it off I reallllllllyyyyyy loved Isobel.

Anyways, definitely my surprise for 2017 so far. I was expecting to read it and like it but not expecting to drag out reading it for 5 days because I didn’t want to leave it.

*book jazz hands*

****Less screamy review: An absolutely perfect debut fantasy adventure that manages to present the YA ~fae romance narrative~ in a relatively fresh way. Rogerson also avoids the abusive relationship vibe that a lot of human-fae romances have and I really loved the shifting power dynamics at play between Isobel and Rook. Have no fear, Isobel can /actually/ take care of herself. Romance, humor (laugh-out-loud at points), and some real chills. Amazing. Great for fans of Maas and Kagawa, but better. Hand it to lovers of Holly Black.



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