Review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling; Illustrated by Jim Kay

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As a Harry Potter fanatic, I obsess over anything HP-related. I have a Harry Potter tattoo. I know my house placement and have strong feelings about it. I’ve read the series over twenty times in it’s entirety. I’ve had HP-themed birthday parties, Halloween costumes, and friends and family know they can’t ever go wrong with a Harry Potter gift. I’ve been obsessed with the HP world since childhood.

With the third illustrated edition of my childhood favorite story, I did more than obsess. Upon seeing this beautiful book, I gave a little scream, did a little dance, and generally lost my marbles. The artwork in this phenomenal book brings the story to life all over again. Every turn of the page reveals a creation from Jim Kay that is astounding in its detail. The illustrated editions are as close as fans can get to reading the series for the first time again.

Every Harry Potter fan needs this beautiful book. So if you are a fan, buy it. And if you know a fan, buy it for them.

Welcome back to Hogwarts.


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