Review: Tickle My Ears

Hello readers!

Some of our favorite kids’ books are the interactive ones–Press HerePeek-a-Who?, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt… From poking dots to making onomatopoeic noises, there are all sorts of really wonderful books that kids can be a part of. It’s not just reading out loud, it’s reading along.

Julie recently reviewed an adorable interactive board book that makes bedtime easier–Tickle My Ears by Jörg Mühle!

OpeningThis is little rabbit. Tap him on the shoulder – will he turn around?

Summary: This adorable book encourages readers to interact with the story by helping a little rabbit go through the steps of getting ready for bed.

I like this book because: I read it with my storytime gang not knowing how it would turn out having to share interaction with a board book with up to 10 kids! It went over splendidly, though  I opted out of having them each kiss the character good night! They loved it – even the 6 yr old joined in on the fun! A simple, adorable tickle of a book!

Resources/Activities: We read Big Bad Bunny/Billingsley and Karas, another bedtime book albeit with a slightly scary (Rrrar!) intro!; make hand- or potato-print pillowcases; staple together  a ‘sleeping bag’ from a strip of felt for a favorite stuffed animal or figurine or even a paper cut-out animal character.


You can find Tickle My Ears online here, or call the store to reserve a copy!

Read Julie’s original review here!

Happy reading (and happy bedtime)!

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