What We’re Reading

Hello readers!

It’s finally fall–or finally feels like–so I would have loved it if this week’s What We’re Reading could have been, you know, autumnal. Alas, we’re all over the board with our current reads.

Flights, by Olga Tokarczuk


Winner of this year’s Man Booker International Prize, Flights is an entrancing collection of semi-fictional vignettes, primarily concerning the philosophical implications of travel & mobility. It’s also way more fun than it sounds. Verheyen’s discovery of the Achilles’ tendon (by dissecting his own amputated leg), stories of disappearing travelers, Wikipedia; these are just a few of the topics found in this fascinating fragmentary novel.


Grab a copy here!

Sawkill Girls, by Claire Legrand


This book is raw and unsettling, but thrilling, too. It made my skin crawl and my soul sing in equal measure. It’s probably one of the most straight up feminist books I’ve read, taking predatory men–and the apologists who let them keep preying–head on and absolutely demolishing them. The last few chapters were some of the most empowering I’ve ever experienced. I love, love, love the angry, terrible girls who learn how to be friends and rely on each other and love each other. They are powerful and beautiful and terrible. This book was rough, to be honest. But the girls made it worth it.


Grab a copy here!

Shade the Changeling Girl, by Cecil Castellucci and Marley Zarcone


Part of Gerard Way’s DC imprint, Shade takes over a high school bully’s body, much to the surprise of her friends who believe they killed her. Part space odyssey, part high school drama, with a beautiful, clean art style infused with surreality.


Grab a copy here!

The Frangipani Hotel by Violet Kupersmith


Just in time for Halloween this collection of ghost stories is sure to intrigue and chill. Drawing from traditional Vietnamese folktales and influenced by the specter of the Vietnam War these stories have a feel unlike anything else I’ve read in recent times.


Grab a copy here!

Happy reading!

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