Review: City of Ghosts

Hello readers!

I’ve read darn near everything Victoria Schwab has written. And they are all great and amazing in their own ways. What makes City of Ghosts so attractive to me (besides it being written by Victoria) is that it’s set in Edinburgh. And I love Edinburgh. And ghosts are pretty cool too, I guess…

So we’ve established the best part of the book (Edinburgh, duh). Let’s explore a few other things that make it great. Cassidy Blake is our daring protagonist. Her parents are ghost hunters and they call themselves The Inspecters. That is A+ pun work there. Also, we must give kudos where kudos are due: Cassidy and her parents enjoy a trip to Edinburgh because the Inspecters have been invited to make a TV show all about ghosts and the paranormal all over the world.

However it isn’t just Cassidy and her parents that make the trip across the pond. Cassidy has a very unique…gift…that her parents would die for (ha, get it?). She actually can see ghosts! She’s even got a ghost best friend, Jacob. He is loyal and has a great sarcastic humor that always made me chuckle. And then Cassidy and Jacob meet Lara (yes, Lara can see Jacob!) during their stay in Scotland. She is so decidedly British and I love it. She also teaches Cassidy a good deal about ghosts and the Veil, perhaps the most important thing being that as an In-betweener she has a responsibility to send ghost permanently beyond the Veil.

So to recap: Edinburgh, puns, ghosts, British people. And I won’t spoil too much, but there is also a sinister villain and danger and intrigue! There is so much good stuff in this little book, and the best part is, there are more books to come!


You can find City of Ghosts online here, or call the store to reserve a copy!

Happy reading!

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