What We’re Reading: Holiday Wild Cards!

Hello readers!

Thursday is just as good as Wednesday, right? I know that the best part about blogging is consistency, but with the holiday craze, I haven’t been quite on the ball lately… We’ll get back to normal in January!

For now, we’ve a few more holiday Wild Cards for you, ranging from picture books and graphic novels to art books about musicians and science memoirs! There’s something for everyone on your list, and (of course) the books are 15% off if you buy one on you next visit to the store!

Our Car, by JM Brum


This Polish import (the book, not the car!) is a little gem. The fun, bright, energetic illustrations are easy to ‘read’ for the very young, yet the concept and slight humor are enough to engage the older reader, including a playful twist!



The Beastie Boys Book, by Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz


Perfect for the music/culture lover in your life. An atypical music memoir; dive into the world of the innovative, original Beastie Boys! Filled with a graphic novel, a cookbook, illustrations, mixtapes and much more this is the perfect homage to a groundbreaking group.



The Overstory, by Richard Powers


I can’t stop thinking about this book. A sprawling literary eco-epic, The Overstory is the kind of novel that changes people. It’s a riveting call to arms and a bitter indictment of our wasteful culture. More than this, it’s an incredibly human story with a huge cast of rich characters that you’ll never forget. Dense but accessible, Powers is a master of intersecting science, art, and spirituality without sacrificing plot, and he has given me a lot to say.



How to be a Good Creature, by Sy Montgomery


Just a lovely book, readable by ages 12 to 80.  The subtitle is A Memoir in Thirteen Animals, so we are getting glimpses of Sy Montgomery, which just makes me more eager to meet and hear this woman.  If you haven’t read her earlier books, The Good Good Pig and The Soul of an Octopus you have some real treats waiting for you.   If you loved both these books, then you have a real treat in this new book.  Not all the animals Sy has loved and learned from have been easy – just try and make an octopus a pet- but she recalls them with love in this short book. Lavishly illustrated, this is a great gift for any of us who have had a pet or just observed a bug or a bird, getting pleasure from a world that is not just human.



On a Sunbeam, by Tillie Walden


Eisner winner Tillie Walden is back with another stunning graphic novel about found families, true love, and being gay in space–truly all you could ask for! Full color and in Walden’s gorgeously surreal, yet familiar style…it’s beautiful!


You can grab any of these online by clicking on the titles above, or call the store to reserve copies! They’ll all be 15% off if you get one per visit!

Happy reading!

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