Review: Fire & Heist

Hello readers!

I read Fire & Heist by Sarah Beth Durst on an airplane, sandwiched between a lady with a distressed puppy on her lap and a woman wearing more perfume than is entirely necessary outside of an enclosed space full of recycled air. And I didn’t hate the flight. Why? Because Fire & Heist made everything better.

This book was beautifully and unapologetically delightful. It was magnificent in the same way that Jupiter Ascending is magnificent. It’s colorful and fast-paced and full of ridiculous plot twists that are absolutely not ridiculous in the space this book creates around itself–a bubble of pure joy and unadulterated enjoyment. 

People turn into dragons, guys. It’s Delightful. 

The heists are actually incredibly well-executed and planned, and the planning and training sessions are fun to read. The greater world of this book is unquestioned and–I said it before, I’ll say it again–unapologetic. No explanation is given for the fact that fabulously wealthy dragon people are part-time celebrities, part-time thieves in this world, and no explanation is needed. It’s just pure fun and it’s exactly what this world needs in a book. It’s not perfect, but looking at 2018 and knowing this book came out in December…it’s perfect for the time. It’s absolutely the wink-and-a-laugh sort of book that will make people smile at the end of this hellyear, and the beginning of this new one, which makes it some kind of perfect.

I loved it, anyway. People turn into dragons. How could I not love it?


You can find Fire & Heist online here, or call the store to reserve a copy!

Happy reading!

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