Fall in Love with Books on Valentine’s Day

Hello readers!

While we find that Valentine’s Day can sometimes be a little bit cheesy and a lot over-hyped, we know that celebrating love in all its forms can never be a bad thing. Especially if one of those forms is in books! We’ve talked before about how we’re a store that champions romance as a genre, and while it’s cliche to bring this up again the day after Valentine’s, we’re doing it anyway! February is a fairly dreary month, so let us help you spice it up with some of the warmest, steamiest, adorablest romances you can find on our shelves!

For Teens: a little less sexy but no less fantastic, the younger crowd can get started on romances with these great books!


Dimple and Rishi have my favorite type of love story. Two people who start out butting heads that eventually come to realize they have more in common than they originally thought. This book isn’t only a preposterously adorable love story, it addresses issues like institutionalized privilege, feminism and the patriarchy, as well as the friction between old traditions and contemporary ideas. In a few short weeks, Dimple and Rishi learn much about each other and themselves, and by the end are two perfectly beautiful fools who have the best meet cute story in existence.

Sandhya is three for three in the adorable department, as all of her current teen novels are staff favorites! Sweetie comes out in May, when we’ll be having another event with Sandhya that you won’t want to miss!



When my co-workers started breathlessly glowing about this book I’ll admit I was dubious. I’m not a fan of historical fiction. But I figured I might as well give it a shot. I’m so glad I did! Rare is the book that I can’t put down, that I can’t wait to steal a moment in order to read, that keeps me reading past my bedtime. This was that book for me. It was just so damn fun!



Maurene Goo has done it again! I was so wrapped up in Lucky & Jack’s story that I didn’t even put my book down to eat dinner (that says a lot about this reader)! An adorable re-imagining of one of my favorite movies ever (Roman Holiday) but set in Hong Kong with Asia’s biggest K-Pop star, Lucky and the boy that falls for her, Jack, who is currently working for a trashy tabloid to make ends meet. I can’t stress enough how much I loved this book!

Maurene Goo jumped onto my list of authors whose books I wait very impatiently for! Somewhere comes out May 7th, so run, don’t walk to come grab it then!


For Adults: all right, let’s get steamy in here!


This book made me have all the feels!!! When I finished it I went right back to the beginning to re-read this book that made my heart happy because I couldn’t bear to leave Stella and Michael! Helen Hoang has written a very impressive debut novel, one that left me a huge fan of hers….she writes with such heart…that is the only way that I can describe it.

The Bride Test comes out in May, and I’m just as in love with that one!



If you came out of Black Panther wanting to marry T’Challa, then this is the romance novel for you! Minus the Black Panther powers, of course. It’s a fairy tale for the modern age that will make you swoon.

A Prince on Paper comes out in April, but it will definitely be worth the wait!



A very silly twist on your favorite classic romance tropes–and I mean classic. It’s all quite smashing, really. And each page turn yields another unexpected twist. You might think you know how the stories are going to play out, but I promise you, you don’t. I had way too much fun flipping around to find every last possible ending, and all of them were satisfying and hilarious. This book is an all-around romp, smashing every Regency-era romance rule to pieces as it delights in making you laugh. It’s adorable. And steamy. And just…so much fun.



I stayed up until 4:30am to finish this book in one sitting because I literally could not put it down. It’s the perfect amount of adorable coupled with the perfect amount of steamy. The mutual pining is to die for, the secret relationship shenanigans are fantastic, the witty text banter had me in stitches, the gorgeously breathless email chains had me in tears, the end made me so happy I had to stand up and pace while reading it because I had too much emotion in me to sit still. It’s absolutely lovely and well worth the wait until the May release date!


You can find all of these romances on our website by clicking the titles above, or call the store to reserve them! We hope you fall in love with them the way we did!

Happy reading!

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