Reviews: Storm of Locusts

Hello readers!

Last year, 80% of the staff couldn’t shut up about Trail of Lightning, by Rebecca Roanhorse. It was one of those wildfire books that swept through all of our fantasy-reading staff and got us all fired up. Well, Roanhorse is back at it again with another staff favorite that we can’t stop talking about. Trail of Lightning‘s sequel, Storm of Locusts is the perfect follow-up and the perfect set-up for the third book while managing to be an absolutely fantastic book in its own right, too.

And here’s what we have to say about it:

No second book syndrome here! STORM OF LOCUSTS knocks it outta the park again, this time with more angst, more tragedy, and more “what the f%$&” horror. Maggie is still the best and I’d give my left kidney for a zillion books of this.



Storm of Locusts is one of those books that proves sequels aren’t always bad. This book was intense from start to finish (as any good apocalypse book should be). We learn more about the Sixth World, more about Maggie, and then we’re left hanging with one heck of a last line. Well played, Ms. Roanhorse, well played.



The core concept that stole my heart was the ladies’ road trip from hell. It’s right on the cover in full shiny glory. I mean, hell yes to that. But wait, there’s more! This book also has creepy locust people. And magic. And post-apocalyptic wasteland dwellers. And leveling up, both in powers and in self-growth. And a super epic lightning sword. And mysterious gods that may or may not have your best interests in mind. And pages and pages about learning to trust and be softer when life has taught you to be hard. And found families. And all around badassery. Just yes to this book. If you aren’t reading Roanhorse already, and you like urban fantasy, or just fantasy in general, then get your butt in gear and pick this series up.



If Trail of Lightning was raw and dusty and haunting, Storm of Locusts is pounding and jagged and longing. This book is a thousand, thousand beating, hungry wings and it’s terrifying but stunning at the same time. The cast of characters expands in this book and every single one of them is real and raw and I love them. Also there’s more magic, and a lightning sword, a fantastic road trip with a haunted casino and terrible pop songs, and one of the most heart-poundingly intense climaxes I’ve encountered. There’s some really gruesome stuff, because of course there is, and so many bugs, but who cares? Maggie’s there, and she’s angry, and she’s protective of her people and her People and her world, and I could read twenty books of her and not get tired.

If Supernatural is really ending (I’ll believe it when I see it, not gonna lie), then it’s time for The Sixth World to be everything that it should have been: diverse and beautiful and bloody and jagged-edged longing.



You can purchase Storm of Locusts online or call the store to reserve a copy!

Happy reading!

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