Review: The Missing Season

Hello readers!

You don’t see a lot of mysteries or thrillers for young adults. Teen leans into the other genres in genre fiction–romance, fantasy, the occasional horror. But straight-up thrillers are hard to find for the younger crowd. Which makes The Missing Season by Gillian French something decidedly unique. It’s just the right amount of creepy, a perfect introduction for teens who love the thrill of a mystery, who love something on the darker side. Teens who know they’re going to love hardcore thrillers in the next few years.

Gillian French has a place on my bookshelf (and my heart). I loved her novel Grit so much that I am constantly recommending it to others and gifting it to people in my life. This book is no different.

It’s set in Maine (which I am lucky enough to have visited twice in the past couple of years) and I can completely see how this story would be believable in the dark, mysterious woods of Maine. When Clara moves, again, she is determined to make friends even if she leaves them in a year or so for her father’s work. As she falls into a group of kids her age, she is told the story of the Mumbler, the local legend that takes teens and eat them to sustain itself. Clara doesn’t quite believe the local legend but she is finding it hard to disagree with especially when Kincaid, the local boy that has caught her eye, seems to believe enough for the both of them.

French has woven a dark, beautiful mystery that held me captive until the very last page..and boy oh boy was that ending something I didn’t see coming!


You can find The Missing Season online here, or call the store to reserve a copy!

Happy reading!

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