Review: Getting Hot with the Scot

Hello readers!

Melonie Johnson’s Getting Hot with the Scot is basically my dream. Girl goes on vacation, meets attractive Scotsman (a ginger Scotsman no less), attractive Scotsman falls in love with her. Yes, please and thank you. I can has now?

Though, Cassie, the book’s heroine, is a bit more resistant to the highland hunk upon first meeting him than I would be. But she has a very valid reason that I totally respect! Logan is a charmingly, ruggedly handsome Scot who makes his living pranking people, and Cassie is trying to become a respected journalist and knows all too well how quickly an embarrassing viral video can destroy one’s credibility. (Can you guess how they meet?)

This book had everything you hope to get from a romance: steamy sex scenes with the right amount of humor, flirtation and banter, emotions and feelings deeper and more complex than just lust. But I appreciate this book because the main characters aren’t struggling with being together because of a miscommunication and misunderstanding or something fairly inconsequential. Both of their jobs, the things they really have a drive and passion for, are on the line.

To me that is very “real life” kinda stuff, and probably one of the biggest reasons relationships don’t make it. In a romance book, it will, of course, work out for the best. And that’s great! But it’s not always so in reality. So it’s nice to enjoy that little bit of fantasy, if just for a short time. And who knows! Life may imitate art for a few lucky saps.

Also, the next book in this series follows Logan’s totally posh English friend. And while that will be a very different dynamic, it is one I am still totally here for!


You can purchase Getting Hot with the Scot online or call the store to reserve a copy.

Happy reading!

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