Reviews: Red, White & Royal Blue

Hello readers!

You’ve probably heard by now: Casey McQuiston’s Red, White & Royal Blue is one of our favorite books.

To be fair, it seems like it’s one of everyone’s favorite books, but that just goes to show how freaking amazing it really is. Romantic, sweet, steamy, funny, with a political edge that will have you yearning to re-watch the West Wing, this book is everything that a perfect rom-com should be.

We can claim Casey McQuiston as a local author now, and we’re so excited to celebrate her debut tomorrow, Tuesday, May 28th at 6pm here in the store! We hope you’ll join us to support this marvelous romance and the wonderful human being that wrote it!


This book came out of nowhere and bashed me over the head with its wit, banter, Britishness, and overall charm. I was laughing and smiling like a fool by page 10. My mind will never be changed: enemies to lovers is the BEST romantic trope in the book…and this book! I am very excited to see what Casey McQuiston comes up with next.



I stayed up until 4:30am to finish this book in one sitting because I literally could not put it down. It’s the perfect amount of adorable coupled with the perfect amount of steamy. The mutual pining is to die for, the secret relationship shenanigans are fantastic, the witty text banter had me in stitches, the gorgeously breathless email chains had me in tears, the end made me so happy I had to stand up and pace while reading it because I had too much emotion in me to sit still.

At the risk of spoilers, the way that Alex discovers he’s bisexual is relateable and wonderful. This is for the queer kids who didn’t realize they were queer until they weren’t kids anymore; for those of us who didn’t recognize the signs as what they were and had a moment of absolutely startling realization that overturned what we knew of ourselves. Alex handles it like a champ, and McQuiston handles it beautifully, and I have to thank her for that.

My heart is full and I love this book with the whole of it.



The romance in this one manages to be both steamy and also very sweet. McQuiston is excellent at character development – Alex and Henry are multi-faceted, engaging, and have great chemistry (a must for a romance). As an added bonus many of the side characters were also fleshed out and interesting, and some of my favorite moments happened in the quiet moments between characters just talking. (This book also actually made me laugh out loud a couple times, which is a rare thing for me.) Of course no romance is complete without some Bad Things happening, and when they did my heart ached. That’s how I knew I had grown to love these complex, imaginary people.

If romance is the plot of the story then politics are the setting, and McQuiston was up to this task as well. The politics are engaging, and point toward the current political landscape in interesting and occasionally gut wrenching ways. And the wind-up to the big election at the end had me anxiously turning pages. I wanted to spend more time in this alternate universe. Reading McQuiston’s afterward only made me love the book and its politics even more.

Unapologetically sweet, steamy, political, and queer, this romance indeed had me falling in love. If queer love stories are your thing, if you’re a fan of the “I Fell in Love with a Prince” trope, or if you like books with a dash of politics mixed in with the sweetness and snark, give this one a shot.



You can purchase Red, White & Royal Blue online or call the store to reserve a copy–and then come get it signed at the event tomorrow, the 28th!

Happy reading!

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