Review: I Can Only Draw Worms

Hello readers!

Julie’s back with a review of one of the funniest picture books she and I have read in a while–I Can Only Draw Worms, by Will Mabbit! It’s relateable for any aspiring kid artists who are good at stick figures and working their way up to more! And it’s hilarious.

Julie elaborates:

Age: 3-6
Themes: worms, counting books, humorous stories
OpeningThis is a book about worms. (I can only draw worms.)

Summary: Teaches the reader to count to ten using worms that have great adventures or everyday experiences, described but not illustrated due to the author’s inability to draw anything but worms.

I like this book because: super simple, super bright, and super funny! I’t’s simple, really! (psst, I’m still laughing!)

Resources/activities: what can you draw? Make a counting book with whatever subject you like to draw best; dig up and examine some worms, but remember to treat them well, and put them right back as soon as you’re finished!


You can read Julie’s original review here!

You can purchase I Can Only Drawn Worms online or call the store to reserve a copy!

Happy reading!


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