Roll to Investigate!

Hello readers!

*Puts on Royal Herald hat*

*stands up in the square and reads off a pronouncement scroll*

Hear ye, hear ye! We, the mighty bibliowizards of Ye Olde Firehouse, shall be venturing forth from our fortified castle of books to aid in the frivolities of Fort Collins Comic Con! You shall find us at the Northside Aztlan Center on the Seventeenth and Eighteenth of August, where we shall be vending goods of pages and ink and assorted other materials to make nerds smile at booth Q4! We’ll also be rolling the dice on the Day of Sun to lead you into battle with Dungeons & Dragons! Come throw thine questions at us when the sun makes the flowers turn west and the insects drone in the meadows at the height of their daily productivity (so like, 2:20 in the afternoon). We hope you shall join us in our fun!

*removes Royal Herald hat* (The hat has a feather. It’s very nice.)

We’re super excited to head back to Fort Collins Comic Con! We’ll have our annual assortment of all things bookish and nerdy available for purchase (including tons of buttons, some awesome science-fiction and fantasy books, and some of our favorite D&D books!), and we’re extremely excited about our panel! Roll to Investigate: D&D 101 is on Sunday, August 18th at 2:20pm in the Millennium Falcon Room; we’ll be answering any and all Dungeons & Dragons questions for people of all ages and skill levels.

Dungeons & Dragons can sometimes roll a natural 20 on Intimidation against new players. But it doesn’t mean to–that’s just the way the dice fall. There are books & rules & dice & improv & more books–it can all get very overwhelming! But we’re here to give you Advantage on your Insight into how this magical, wonderful game works. Roll Investigation to learn the basic rules, roll Performance for tips on character creation and the rigors of DM’ing (it’s not that scary, we promise!), roll Arcana to check out the magic items you need, and just come ask questions on all the basics of roleplaying, D&D, and the greatest game a group of friends can play together.

We hope to see you there!

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