Review: Lawrence in the Fall

Hello readers!

Julie is back! Her review of Lawrence in the Fall by Matthew Farina and illustrated by Doug Salati proves that this is the perfect picture book for the turn in the weather!

Themes: show-and-tell, collections, trees

OpeningWhen Lawrence saw the chalkboard, he froze.

Summary: (from my library catalog) Lawrence the fox accompanies his father into the forest to collect something to take to his school show-and-tell, and while briefly lost and alone, Lawrence encounters the beauty of nature and finds exactly what he needs.

I like this book because: I’ve been there, frozen with the thought I would have nothing to share with my classmates. I didn’t have anything, but I also didn’t understand what a hobby or collection is, so how could I share it? I was equally drawn in by the delicate nature of the telling in the text and the illustrations. Find a copy to read – and share, of course!

Resources/activities: there are so many discussions this book might be used to initiate: school, collections, hobbies, nature in general, and  trees specifically. Maybe children would find even more topics after reading it!

Read Julie’s original review here!

You can purchase Lawrence in the Fall online or call the store to reserve a copy!

Happy reading!

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