Spooky Reads!

Hello readers!

Happy Halloween Eve! Some of us have been reading nothing but scary books all month to get in the spirit of the season, and I’ve compiled a list of all our favorites–new and old–that’ll give your spine a tingle!



Mapping the Interior, by Stephen Graham Jones

This book was dark and unsettling, far more so than I expected. The menace that grows as the story progresses was deeply upsetting, and the final ten or so pages were a punch to the gut. This didn’t go where I expected it to, and that was actually great.



Hex, by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Loved this book! I don’t read much horror, but his book was everything I could have ever asked for. It focuses more on psychological horror and boy oh boy, Thomas Olde Heuvelt delievers! Ghosts, no internet, fear and mob mentality are just some of the aspects of this book, I couldn’t put it down! Don’t read this book late into the night or you may have a hard time falling asleep, I sure did!



The Twisted Ones, by T. Kingfisher

A girl agrees to clean out her grandmother’s house and realizes her grandmother was a hoarder. Among the mess, she finds a creepy journal about the creepy woods out back… And she investigates. This is fairies the way they should be–extremely alien and spooky. It doesn’t rely on gore at all–and just to let you know, the dog does not die!



The Whisper Man, by Alex North

An unsettling thriller about a serial killer known as “the Whisper Man,” who lured small kids away from their houses by whispering in their windows. It’s creepy and twisted and not to miss!



The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein, by Kiersten White

White has put together a really interesting, and uniquely feminine, take on an old familiar tale. Creepy, unsettling, and dark, as a good gothic story should be. She also wrote one of the best descriptions of the Monster that I have read in recent times. The grotesquery was well imagined. If you want to read a new spin on this classic tale, and you’re not afraid to read about some truly damaged people, pick this one up.



Gideon the Ninth, by Tamsyn Muir

We’d be remiss to not mention our favorite gross, intense, inventive sci-fi/horror mash-up of the year! You’ve heard us shouting about this book for months, so we’ll not repeat our loud, excited sentiments except to say: get your bony hands on this one, hold it gently to your rib cage, and cherish it as Gideon cherishes Harrowhark: fiercely, hating every second of it, desolate without her, and delighting in the emotional distress she causes, even, sometimes, in you.



The Only Good Indians, by Stephen Graham Jones

It seems biased to have Colorado local Stephen Graham Jones on here twice, but what can we say–his books are delightfully spooky and we love them! Next March, he’s bringing us a new novel of atmospheric horror and suspense. A slasher with a distinct Native sensibility to it, preorder this one as a great read for fans of the horror genre, as well as literary fiction readers.



You can purchase (or preorder!) any or all of these spooky books by clicking on their titles above!

Happy Halloween and happy reading!


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