What We’re Reading

Hello readers!

I managed to snag blurbs from the more elusive staff members today, so the range on these is great! There’s even non-fiction! Magical times in What We’re Reading Land…

The Witches are Coming, by Lindy West


This collection of essays is just what I needed to read to break out of my reading slump.  All the essays have held my attention and I find myself agreeing with West’s points about everything from racism to the current political state of America to her husband’s quirks that drive her crazy (crazy in love 😉 West’s voice is loud, dare I even say brash, but I have fallen in love with her regardless.



The Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson


I’d only seen the show on Netflix, and the book is much different from any show or movie made from it–it’s very evocative of Shirley Jackson’s typical haunting of people… she always writes about the haunting of a place, but really it’s the haunting of people. It will be interesting to see how this unhappy tale ends!



Something Deeply Hidden, by Sean Carroll


Carroll’s latest book is, at least in part, a defense of the still-controversial theory in quantum mechanics: specifically, the idea that infinite numbers of other worlds, cut off from ours and thus imperceptible, are constantly being created because the intrinsic logic of the involved physics simply demands it. I don’t think I’ll ever completely wrap my brain around what seems to happen at the below-microscopic scale of things. But it’s always fun to try.



Stormsong, by C.L. Polk (out 2/11/20)


I just finished this sequel to Witchmark last night, and I just sat on my bed at 3 in the morning, weeping, because C.L. Polk is very good at writing books. At maintaining a slow but intense pace, at forging characters who are real and tired and clever and make mistakes, at stringing you along with politics and intrigue and magic and mystery and then satisfying each deliciously dangling thread. I love Dame Fiona Grace Hensley with my entire heart, and you should all read Witchmark and then preorder this one immediately, because dear god, are these books amazing. 



The Only Good Indians, by Stephen Graham Jones (out 5/19/20)


A uniquely Native American take on the horror genre and the mistakes that can destroy and haunt lives even a decade later. Full of tragedy, humanity, striking visuals, creeping dread, and a monster that will chill you to your core, the new offering by master of horror Stephen Graham Jones hits shelves next spring. Pre-order your copy today for 15% off!


You can purchase or preorder any of these books online by clicking on their titles above, or you can call the store to reserve a copy!

Happy reading!

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