Holiday Gift Guide: Wild Cards 2!

Hello readers!

Every year, each staff member picks three titles from the Holiday Gift Guide to be their recommended books of the season. We also get two bonus, wildcard picks–we’ve each picked two titles that are not in the catalog that we think would make great gifts for you! We’ll be featuring them alongside the Gift Guide spotlights on Facebook and here, and they’ll join everything in the Gift Guide in being 15% off through the holidays! We’ll be posting all of our picks here over the course of the next few weeks, so keep an eye on the blog for the full spectrum of picks starting today!

Kelvin’s Wild Card Picks: 

Ducks, Newburyport, by Lucy Ellman


A novel comprising far, far fewer sentences than you’d expect in just-shy-of 1,000 pages, no more or less gimmicky perhaps than Infinite Jest or Wittgenstein’s Mistress, and at least as hard to say what it’s precisely about, but equal also in its ability to keep you turning those multitudinous pages, if for no other reason than to see what’s coming up on the next one, and while I was asked for three sentences, the fact that this novel breaks or subverts all sorts of rules of novel-writing and thus novel-reading sort of demands that I tailor my description along the lines of the book’s own prose, so if you are wondering what reading Ducks, Newburyport  is like, it’s kind of like this. Bookmark recommended.


I Am C-3PO (The Inside Story), by Anthony Daniels


I love books that dish details of how iconic films and characters came to be created. Daniels relates what it was like to not just play but become the character—the challenges, the rewards, the ways being identified strongly with such a culturally recognizable figure have affected him and vice-versa. Photos and inside details from the relevant films help make this story as complex and riveting as an epic space adventure.


Revati’s Wild Card Picks: 

Indian(-ish) by Priya Krishna


I love this book! It is both a great way to make Indian food accessible and shows how food can change while still being traditional. As someone that grew up eating samosas with ketchup, I can attest to the deliciousness of this book. If you need more convincing to get this for the chef in your life, check out some of Priya’s Bon Appetit cooking videos and be instantly charmed.


Antoni in the Kitchen by Antoni Porowski


Anyone that has watched Queer Eye knows that Antoni is the cooking guy but his skill rarely gets a chance to shine. This cookbook is filled with several delicious yet simple recipes that highlight how great his taste is along with showing off some of his Polish roots. Also, there are a lot of pictures of him looking cute. This a great one to have in the winter and cook up something cozy.


You can grab any of these online by clicking on the titles above, or call the store to reserve copies! They’ll all be 15% off if you get one per visit!

Happy reading!


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