Review: Starsight

Hello readers!

I believe that last year, when Brandon Sanderson’s Skyward came out, I yelled a bit about how it was Brandon’s best book to date. That’s a charged statement on the internet, especially since Brandon wrote the ridiculously popular Stormlight Archive. But I stand by it, and I up my assessment to include the second book–it’s Brandon’s best series to date, and yes, that includes Mistborn. Don’t @ me, I’m right.

The sequel to last year’s Skyward, and the next in Brandon’s best series, Starsight picks up six months after the Spensa’s intense discovery of her teleportation/telepathy powers. STUFF is HAPPENING, my friends, and it is WILD. There are MORE spaceship fights! Cool space tech! Training montages! M-Bot learning sarcasm! Spensa being a chaotic, ridiculous child! It’s Brandon at his best, having the most fun, and this time, the twists come fast and hard and keep you guessing to the end. I feel like I can’t talk about it, because Spensa does a thing only about a hundred pages in, and the story goes absolutely wild after that. I don’t want to spoil the moment for anyone, but know that it is intense and had me yelling at the book in a public place.

I will say, the last chapter did feel really tacked on and should probably have been saved to be the first chapter of the third book, and there were about 60 pages in the middle that I felt really didn’t need to be there as some of the training montages felt a bit repetitive. But overall, the reveals of big galaxy-spanning [spoilers] are all Brandon at his worldbuilding best. I could say this was a filler book, but there was a metric ton of set up for the next one that means it’s important. I’m looking forward to seeing the impact the decisions made in this book have on the next one.

Spensa continues to be Brandon’s single best, most fun character. (Though, I still don’t really see the point of Jorgen.) There are so many new friends in this book, and they are all AMAZING. And I’m entirely pleased with how many of them are ladies. The real stars are still Spensa and M-Bot, her AI-enhanced spaceship, and the relationship between them. The most human of humans and the robot trying to learn what that means is one of my favorite dynamics, and it was explored and expanded in this book beautifully.

This book wasn’t as perfect as the first one, but it’s fun and you can tell that Brandon is having so much fun writing these. And when that shines through, the books are made all the more wonderful. And–yeah, it’s still Brandon’s best series. You can quote me on that.


You can purchase Starsight online or call the store to reserve a copy!

Happy reading!

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