Holiday Gift Guide: Wild Cards 3!

Hello readers!

You know the drill by now: Every year, each staff member picks three titles from the Holiday Gift Guide to be their recommended books of the season, but we also pick two titles that are not in the catalog that we think would make great gifts for you! They join everything in the Gift Guide in being 15% off through the holidays!

The next set of picks comes from Renee and Susie–for the scientifically inclined and the mystery lovers on your lists!

Renee’s Wild Card Picks:

How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems, by Randall Munroe


The title (and sub-title) says it all. I’ve been a fan of Randall Munroe and xkcd since my friend first introduced me to the comic. All of Munroe’s books are that delightful blend of the silly, absurd, and slightly questionable, but with science! This book is perfect for the nerd, the dreamer, or the dangerously curious person in your life.


Talking to Strangers, by Malcolm Gladwell


There are a lot of people on this planet, and they are all very different. But we’re all stuck here together, and we’re going to have to interact and get along as best we can. So a book about finding better ways to communicate with people we don’t usually interact with is right up my alley. I love people watching and trying to figure out what is going on in peoples’ heads when they talk to each other, whether they’re friends or not; if you enjoy this, too, you’ll love this book. Also: it’s Malcolm Gladwell, so what’s not to love?


Susie’s Wild Card Picks: 

Susie already blurbed her Wild Card picks in their own, October mystery blog post, which you can read here at Susie’s Mystery Picks! But here’s a brief bit about each of them, too.

Bloody Genuis, by John Sandford


In this installment of the Virgil Flowers series, Virgil is called in after the very bloody murder of the most unpopular professors at the university. The local police have so many people with justifiable motives the case is going nowhere. The clues are scattered all through the story, but the excellent writing keeps the suspense focused on the police work.


Bitter Feast, by Deborah Crombie


I have loved every book of this series, even though I am normally very dubious of British mysteries written by Americans. I love the characters so much and find the mysteries so satisfying that I will follow Deborah anywhere. This time, the family is off for a country weekend at a colleague’s very wealthy family’s country residence. The body almost drops in Duncan’s lap when he is in a car wreck where the other driver dies and the passenger is already dead.  Deborah kept me turning pages as the weekend worked its way to an end.


You can grab any of these online by clicking on the titles above, or call the store to reserve copies! They’ll all be 15% off if you get one per visit!

Happy reading!


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