Review: Field Trip to the Moon

Hello readers!

Field Trip to the Moon by John Hare gives Ms. Frizzle a run for her money in the wacky adventures in oddly-shaped school buses department! Fun and educational, this picture book is perfect for kiddos of all ages, as Julie notes in her review!

Themes: school field trips, moon, stories without words

Summary: In this wordless picture book, a girl is accidentally left behind on a class trip to the moon. How she passes the time waiting to be rescued makes for a funny and unexpected adventure that will enchant children all over the galaxy.

I like this book because: the landscape Hare created is deceptive – it looks simple, but we are drawn back to each page, practically before turning, to look for what our quick brains have missed, and there is so much to be discovered! Enjoy!

Resources/activities: How would you invite someone to join you in an activity whose language you could not understand? Try it, as a game. think of an activity and try acting it out without words to see if your partner gets it – like charades, but no clues!


Read Julie’s original review on her blog.

You can purchase Field Trip to the Moon online or call the store to reserve a copy!

Happy Reading!

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