Digital Browsing: Thrillers from Tara

Hello readers!

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite thrillers that do not have predictable endings and keep you guessing until the very last page. These are books that will suck you in and make you not get off of your couch until you have finished them. Enjoy!


Behind Her Eyes, by Sarah Pinborough

A married couple. Another woman. Something in the marriage seems off. Can the other woman discover what is actually happening?

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Camille- a reporter returning to her small town. An overbearing mother. Two preteen girls murdered. Can Camille discover what happened without diving into her past?

No Exit by Taylor Adams

A snowstorm in Colorado (whaddup). Closed highways. A small rest stop with five strangers. A child locked in the back of a van. Can the child be saved in these conditions? And who is the one responsible?

The Silent Patient, by Alex Michaelides

Alicia–a famous painter who kills her husband. Alicia hasn’t spoken since the incident. Theo–a psychotherapist who thinks he can get her to talk. Can Theo figure out the mystery behind Alicia, the murder, and her refusal to talk?

The Familiar Dark, by Amy Engel

Eve lost her daughter and goes to her mother for help. Eve’s mother is not the most maternal person out there. A small, run-down town.  Can Eve find out what actually happened to her daughter in this town?

The Whisper Man, by Alex North

A father-son duo who are mourning the loss of their wife/mother. An old serial killer named “The Whisper Man.” A disappearance of a young boy, bringing back the uncertainty of “The Whisper Man.”  Will “The Whisper Man” ever stop terrorizing the town and small children?

Two Can Keep a Secret, by Karen M. McManus

A missing aunt. A missing teenager. A doomed homecoming. Another missing teen. Echo Ridge has its fair share of secrets. Can the town figure out why these teens have gone missing in the first place?

The Hunting Party, by Lucy Foley

A New Years’ reunion in the Scottish Highlands. A guest goes missing. A body is found murdered. Can the guests determine who amongst them is a killer? And why?

You Let Me In, by Camilla Bruce

A popular author kills her husband, brother, and father. The author goes missing. A manuscript left for her niece and nephew. A story unfolds about faeries and other worlds. What is reality and what is fabricated?


You can purchase any or all of these books by clicking on their titles above or by calling the store (we’re in 10am to 2pm every day during our temporary closure!) Shipping is free for orders of $20 or more!

Happy reading!

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