What We’re Reading

Hello readers!

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve posted a What We’re Reading blog! (I’m not sure we’ve done one all year!?) In our defense, isolation has made focusing on reading difficult for some of us, and others of us have been working from home and finding less time than we anticipated having for reading! But that’s okay! We’re still working our ways through our to-be-read piles. Here’s what we are currently reading, isolation edition!

The Ten Thousand Doors of January, by Alix E. Harrow


In need of a good escape? Portal fiction to the rescue! This book has beautiful prose, magic, a headstrong adventurous protagonist, a book within a book, and a strong focus on escaping from reality into the fantastic. It’s just what I needed right now.



The Diviners, by Libba Bray


In the first book in The Diviners series, Evie O’Neill is living in Manhattan in the 1920’s. When she’s not sneaking out to speakeasys, she is working with her uncle to investigate a methodical serial killer who is on the loose. She also has a secret–she can see into people’s pasts just by holding an object that they own. Will she be able to help find the killer without her secret getting exposed?



Bone Swans: Stories, by CSE Cooney


I was completely blown away by how gorgeous these stories are. The theme common among all five of these stories is transformation–deal-making and changing and changing perspectives. Becoming. It is haunting and haunted, weird and creepy, lovely and lush. Darker than I expected, bittersweet, but delicious. With edges. Soft curves and hard edges that make you want to sing, to fly.

I can’t explain it. I can’t compare it. It’s completely it’s own thing and yet dusted in hints and nods to fairy tales that are instantly recognizable. But nothing about any of these stories feels like fairy tale retellings. They are completely original and yet somehow not at all, and it’s a balance as fine as a knife edge and just as risky. But damn, Cooney walked that easily, and made something amazing.



Smoke Bitten, by Patricia Briggs


I would have thought that three weeks of recovery from knee replacement surgery would have given me time to read unmatched since I was a teenager. But the world kinda decided to go weird on me, stranger than anything I have ever expierenced. And then, physical therapy really has to be my goal everyday, for the near future. And the business really did need a lot of extra attention, even while producing drastically less revenue. I wouldn’t have read anything, except Patricia Briggs managed to get the next book in her urban fantasy series on Mercy Thompson. The writing is excellent, the action moves at a fast pace, and the characters are extraordinary. Mercy is a warecoyote. Yes, not a werewolf, a warecoyote. It’s a long story, and every bit worth all of our attention. Patricia somehow manages to avoid the pitfall of monster of the month, making the evil creatures quite evil.The good gals balance between doing the right thing, saving the world, avoiding a fat head, and being pleasantly witty. Beware the blue shampoo.



You can purchase any of these books online by clicking on their titles above, or you can call the store between 10am and 2pm! Shipping on orders of $20 or more is currently free!

Happy reading!

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