Coronavirus Update: Once More Unto the Breach

Hello readers!

We are 42 days into our temporary closure. That seems an impossibly long time, but we know it’s not over yet. April passed by in a flash and it’s hard to comprehend that it’s basically May already. However, Governor Polis has lifted some of the lockdown restrictions, and we’re taking that into account to change a few things up going forward. We’re still here, still going strong, and we have some updated, good news to share!

The… we hesitate to say bad news. The consistent news? The consistent news is this:

  • We are staying closed to the public.

As hard as it is to keep the doors locked and continue asking you to browse only digitally, we believe that staying closed is the safest and best practice. The safety of you, our customers, and our booksellers is our first priority, and this keeps everyone six feet apart without us chalking lines on our historic floors. We will continue discussing our reopening closer to June as things continue to develop; as always, everything is subject to change in a millisecond.

  • We will still have staff in the store to answer phones from 10am to 2pm, process orders, and receive shipments.

As always, if you can’t get through on our phones, shoot us an email (, or order online ( (We know our answering machine is a disaster; email is better.) We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Here’s the good news:

  • We are reintroducing CURBSIDE PICKUP and HOME DELIVERY, starting on May 1st!

Much like what we were doing before the full lockdown, you’ll be able to pick up books or have them delivered to you. The hours curbside pickup is available are: 10am to 2pm. Order and pay for books over the phone or online, let us know when you’re outside, and we’ll bring books to you with no contact. We do ask that if you choose to avail yourself of curbside pickup, please wear a mask. This is for your safety as well as ours.

We will not be doing same-day delivery. Due to our staffing and the hours that people are available, deliveries will be made on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday between 5 and 9pm to anywhere in the city of Fort Collins (The delivery zone boundaries are: Trilby to the south, I-25 to the east, Overland/Red Fox to the west (exceptions made for Ponds, Westgate, & Burns Ranch developments), and Richard’s Lake/Willox to the north). Orders must be pre-paid either through the website or over the phone.

All deliveries will be left on your doorstep, like magic! We will not be sticking around for a chat, for your safety and ours, but we will knock or ring a doorbell so you know your package has arrived. If you would like a text message when your driver is on their way please specify you would like to be notified when you place your order and include your phone number. When placing your order also please be sure to leave any information that might be relevant, such as any gate combinations, tricky directions, or requests for where we leave your delivery if they apply. Tips are in no way required, but if you would like to leave something for your bookseller-on-wheels, leave it taped to your door, or on your doormat, so we can remain contact free.

We thank you for your understanding of our driver’s limits in time and gas and encourage you to take advantage of our Orders-of-$20-or-more Free Shipping whenever possible! Speaking of:

  • Shipping is still free for orders of $20 or more and we encourage you to take this option as much as possible and continue staying home.

This isn’t changing from our lockdown protocols, and it is still the safest way to get books to your home. Since Amazon de-prioritized books, we are still currently shipping faster than they are. We strongly recommend you stay home to save lives, keep the curve as flat as possible, and prevent any second waves of pandemic from coming our way.

And of course, here’s your reminder of other ways you can help us out if your to-be-read pile is as unmanageable as ours:

  • Buy gift cards. The easiest way for you to help keep us afloat is to buy store gift cards! We get the revenue now and you get books later when you use your cards. You can put any amount on our gift cards, buy them online, use them on our website, and we are happy to mail them to you.
  • Pre-order now. You’ll still get your 15% off! And if you were already planning to buy the book in August or November, you’ll be supporting us now, in a slow moment, without spending more than you’d already planned to.
  • Our storefronts at,, and Hummingbird are another great way to shop from home! Bookshop is a great website to easily shop physical books and give us a kickback from each sale. is our audiobook partner and Hummingbird (powered on the MyMustReads app) is a great place to find ebooks. We get a percentage of sales from all three sites if you buy through our storefronts, and you get digital books without changing out of your pajamas!
  • Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as here on the blog, of course. Any updates and news will go in the newsletter and on these platforms first, so if you follow us, you’ll be the first to know about rescheduled events, returns to normal hours, and any other updates as we work through this crisis. They’re also a great place to ask us for book recommendations!
  • Donate to our GoFundMe. We are over halfway to our goal, but we’re not in the home stretch yet! All your donations will go toward rent and paying our bills with our vendors and the publishers, and making sure we can open our doors back up as soon as it is safe to do so.

We could not carry on and keep doing this without you and all your support. You are the best patrons we could ask for, and your continued outpouring of love, optimism, and web orders has kept us on our feet and doing the things we love–selling books, and sharing the magic of the worlds inside each set of covers. Every order, every donation, every kind message makes our hearts sing, and it has been incredibly gratifying to know that we are just as important to this community as this community is to us.

We cannot say thank you enough times. We’re going to keep saying thank you, as long as our doors as closed, after they reopen–and they will reopen!–with every package we ship, every delivery we make, every pickup we hand over. Thank you. Thank you for keeping us in business and for supporting us and for loving us.

We love you, too.

–the Staff at OFB

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