Binge-worthy Reads!

Hello readers!

Okay, so we know how hard it is to read during isolation. Some of our introverts were really, really excited to have time at home to get through our to-be-read lists, but have found it to be…exhausting to even contemplate reading. There’s a lot going on, we’re all working incredibly hard, both at home and at the store, trying to keep the store running and maintain some sense of normalcy.

Though, really–what is normal, these days?

So we completely understand if you’re also having trouble concentrating on reading and just want to sit around in sweat pants and watch Netflix all day. We relate. Netflix is easier to parse sometimes. But we’ve got some suggestions for what to read when you do have the energy–based on what you’ve been binging most recently on all your streaming services!

If you’re watching…Great British Bake Off, read Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke

There are twenty-five books in this delicious cozy mystery series, so they’ll keep you going for as long as you need! Each book in the series comes with a recipe or two tucked in the back, so you can scratch your isolation baking itch at the same time. And while there is some murder and mayhem in this tiny Minnesota town, the whole series is wholesome as pie, full of colorful characters and great bakes that will fill your heart with the same soft joy as GBBO!


If you’re watching…Tiger King, read The Tiger by John Vaillant or Zoo Story by Thomas French

This wacky story has kind of taken the internet by storm, and if you’re one of the people fascinated by this bizarre take on tigers and the people that keep them, then you won’t want to miss these two narrative nonfiction books about… well, the same things! John Vaillant recreates the story of a vengeful, murderous tiger in Russia and Zoo Story takes you behind the scenes of Tampa’s zoo to give insight into the characters that populate it.


If you’re watching…The Witcher, read The Witcher….

Listen, this one seems obvious, but take our word for it: the books are better. We know a lot of you got on this train over the last few months, but if you’re just now catching up–or if you watched back when the first season happened, but haven’t picked up the books yet–go now! It is soooo worth it.


If you’re watching…The West Wing, read Hope Never Dies, by Andrew Shaffer

If you’re not watching the West Wing: why? I personally highly recommend this seven-season political drama as the perfect idealistic escape from the current political hellscape. In that same vein, Andrew Shaffer’s hilarious, unapologetic, irreverent mystery featuring Obama and Biden will take you away to a time when the craziest things to come out of the White House were obsessions with chocolate chip ice creams…


If you’re watching…Good Omens, read The Library of the Unwritten, by AJ Hackwith

I’m a sucker for meta books like this, and I’m bonkers for Christianity-as-Mythology, and I adore a good world-saving adventure, and this was all of that in spades. It’s like The Librarians meets Good Omens with a little bit of D&D party composition thrown in for good measure, and I could not put it down. Hackwith has an absolutely fascinating take on afterlife, and weaves these ideas seamlessly into a book that is about belief, loyalty, and growth. And also about books that come to life and demons named Walter and angry ravens and crocodile gods who want to eat souls. It’s a perfect blend of absurd and deeply insightful.


You can purchase any or all of these books online by clicking on their titles above. If your order is $20 or more, shipping will be free!

Happy reading (and watching)!

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