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If you’re looking for a happy ending (and who isn’t, right about now?) and some light, fun, escapist reading that will transport you into someone else’s drama for a hot minute and make you forget that the world isn’t populated by sweet romance, you will not want to miss these recommendations from Teresa. Her list of top romance novels is steamy, sweet, delicious, and pure escape.

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The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

This book was exactly what I was jonesing for when I picked it up. Sexy workplace drama, check! Hot male character, check! Boatloads of sexual tension throughout the book, check! Lucy and Joshua are the executive assistants to the owners of a publishing house, and complete opposites, and we all know what that means….opposites attract. Laughed out loud in some spots, grimaced in others and still had time to laugh/cringe/swoon from the sexual tension. Well done Sally Thorne, can’t wait to see what you come up with next!


The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory

Jasmine Guillory is becoming my favorite contemporary romance author and this book did not disappoint! Loved, loved, loved this book and I am so excited that characters from the first book appeared in this one!


Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbett

Talia Hibbert has quickly become the author that I internet stalk to find out when her books are coming out; they are that good! I cannot wait to see what else this talented writer brings to life because the stories I have read so far are just [insert screeching here]! Dani Brown, you might remember her as the younger sister of Chloe Brown (that book was soo good as well), has sworn off romance and love thanks to her first love being a complete and utter asshole. So when she begins to flirt with the breathtaking gorgeous security guard on campus, Zafir, she is determined to keep him in the friend zone. When circumstances happen and a picture of the two of them goes viral, Zaf & Dani do the only logical thing: they pretend to date. Talia Hibbert’s books are so much fun and full of soooo much heart….go buy this book as soon as you can, it will not disappoint!


Not That Kind of Guy by Andie Christopher

Bridget Nolan and Matt Kido are as different as apples and oranges but isn’t the saying opposites attract?! When Matt is assigned to be Bridget’s summer intern at the state attorney office he falls in lust (possibly love) at first sight and he will do anything to impress her. Bridget isn’t blind; she notices that Matt is attractive but she doesn’t want to date anyone…even the hot, smart intern that she can’t stop thinking about. When Matt agrees to be Bridget’s date for weekend in Vegas they decide to test the waters… They aren’t boss and intern anymore. But when they decide on a drunken whim to get married both Bridget and Matt have to step back and see if this is something that they both want to last or if it was just a Vegas mistake.

Andie Christopher is an amazing writer, I couldn’t put his book down. I was thrilled to see Jack and Hannah make more than one appearance and I can’t wait to see what comes next from this smart, sassy writer that I have fallen in love with.


Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin

This book gave me all the feels! It was a beautiful, modern re-telling of “Pride and Prejudice” that I was thrilled to read. While Ayesha doesn’t want an arranged marriage she can’t help but wonder if maybe that is what is going to happen…how can she meet anyone? Enter Khalid, a smart yet conservative man that sparks an interest in Ayesha….but is that spark love or hate?! Jalaluddin has written a lovely book that had me cheering for Ayesha until the last page (even though I knew the ending…to a point). I can’t wait to read more from this talented writer.


Natalie Tan’s Book of Luke and Fortune by Roselle Lim

This book was everything I needed in my life (at the moment) and more. I just couldn’t put it down and after I finished it I kept thinking about it….what a fine debut by Roselle Lim! This book is what would happen if “Chocolat” and any Alice Hoffman novel had a baby. It is beautiful, eye-opening but above all it finds the magic in the everyday, mundane things that we as humans tend to forget. Lim opened my eyes anew to magic in the everyday. A touching look at the mother daughter relationship (I cried in parts) and a lovely story that shows just much a community can gain when people strive to help one another rather than push each other away. I cannot wait to see what else Lim puts out, I am anxious to read more from this talented writer.


The Trouble with Hating You by Sajni Patel

After reading this gem of a book I will begin following Sajni Patel until my dying breath. This book was so much fun, even when dealing with serious issues. Patel writes her characters with sass, joy, heartbreak…you name it this book has it. I cannot wait to see what she puts out next! When Liya’s parents sneakily make the family dinner an arranged date with a man that could possibly become her husband, Liya runs out the back door and escapes. She can’t believe her parents would do that, knowing that Liya isn’t interested in marriage–hell, she doesn’t even want a relationship. Jay Shah is thrown when the woman he thought he would meet as a potential wife runs smack into him–as she is escaping from their dinner, without so much as an apology. He runs into her again, at his latest job and learns that Liya has a bit of a reputation, at work and outside of work. As their relationship begins to grow, Jay falls hard and fast for this smart, sassy, strong woman that challenges him like no other. As Liya’s walls of defense begin to come down around Jay, she realizes that she must tell him the truth of what happened, if only simply so he can make the decision himself if she is worth all the whispers and stares. Patel’s book is one of favorites that I have read this year and I can’t wait to suggest it to all my family and friends.


The Marriage Game by Sara Desai

Layla Patel has come home to San Francisco because she has lost everything: her job, her apartment, her boyfriend… She has nothing but her dignity left when she returns home to her parents house. When her father learns of her troubles he offers the office upstairs, rent free, until Layla can get back on her feet; the only problem is that the office is already rented out… Sam Mehta has given up his dreams, his family, and his social life because of a horrible accident that he is positive he could have prevented if he had been more focused on life rather than his job. When he enters his new office to see that a woman has already set up shop, he is confused and upset. But as Sam begins to learn more about Layla he begins to learn that the life he lives currently is empty and maybe he needs to let more people in. When a bet is arranged that could get Layla out of his office for good, one that revolves around pre-arranged dates in order to find a husband for Layla, Sam becomes more involved in her life. As the dates progress, Sam begins to learn that maybe he doesn’t want Layla gone and Layla begins to see the real Sam.


Made for Love by Alissa Nutting

Not you typical love story!

Hazel is on the run from her technology-obsessed (and very wealthy) husband because he wants to meld her mind to his. So she does what anyone would do: ends up at her father’s trailer house. Upon arrival, Hazel realizes that her father is now living with a lifelike sex doll who she is to treat with respect and dignity. Simultaneously, Jasper is a con man who is used to wooing women to get large amounts of money from them. Everything changes when he experiences a unique encounter with a dolphin. When these two people meet, brace yourself for impact. A funny, yet poignant, story that dives into our obsession with technology and human interaction. Highly recommended!



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Happy reading!

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