Review: Sorry for Your Trouble

Hello readers!

Oddly, the table of contents for Richard Ford’s new story collection, Sorry For Your Trouble, does not list a story with that title. If I were interviewing Mr. Ford, I would certainly ask about this, perhaps to his irritation. Is he apologizing in his typically understated way for putting another book out into the world? He need not, if that is the case.

In the wide open emotional terrain of Ford’s novels, every languorous sentence reads like a journey of possible discovery, though revelations are never assured. This tendency strains a little against the tighter walls of the shorter form, giving these stories a kind of gleaming edge. But that edge is softened by the pleasures of language, the sharp but slightly askew observations, the fundamental humanity of Ford’s characters. Compared to his novels, reading a Ford short story is like listening to a mesmerizing storyteller while sitting on a comfortable metal folding chair instead of a recliner. The differences are noticeable, but hardly the point.

These stories investigate the corners, crevices, and cracks of otherwise familiar territory: love, loss, life altering events and the ways they intertwine. These have always composed the bulk of Mr. Ford’s subjects, whether viewed through the lens of a single character like Frank Bascombe (The Sportswriter, Independence Day, The Lay of the Land) or the rarer, broader perspective of more varied fictional personalities. Maybe, as I make my way through these pleasurable stories, the reason for the collective title will be revealed, or maybe not. It’s still a good one; apply PRN.


You can purchase Sorry for Your Trouble online or call the store to reserve a copy!

Happy reading!

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