How It Works: Web Orders!

Hello friends!

If you’ve placed a web order in the past two months, there is a good chance that you’ve received a message written by yours truly regarding your order. We have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to fill your orders with care and haste.

Before I worked at Old Firehouse I never really thought about the individual attention that is given to orders at a small business. You place the order online and it just shows up at your door, right? Not exactly.

When a web order comes in, we’re looking at our shelves to see if we have your book. If we do, great! This is the best option for everyone! Speedy service for you and it sells inventory that we have already bought. A win-win situation.

If we don’t have your book on our shelves, we have to order in your book. We are just as thankful for these orders, but they do take a bit more time. Do we order from the warehouse or the publisher? Do we ship directly to your house or to the store first? Is the book backordered? Do we need to mark up the price? Are there pre-orders included?

All of these are questions we have to ask ourselves as we’re filling your orders.

We know that when an order is placed, you are antsy to get that precious book in your hands ASAP. The anticipation and wait time for a book delivery can feel really, really long. On those weeks when we get a bit behind on web orders due to other things going on in the store (our phones being down, the internet going out, receiving our shipments, normal store maintenance, answering emails, curbside customers coming to grab their books, etc,), we ask for your patience while we work hard to get through the orders with care and precision.

We thank you for the immense support and love that we have felt from the community over these months. We cannot wait for the day that you all can come browse the shelves and find the perfect book to fit your needs.

With love and appreciation,

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