Review: Queen’s Peril

Hello readers!

In my defense, I was checking the tags on this blog, and there are far fewer Star Wars posts than one should expect from me. Not that I mean to rectify that by spamming you all, but it does mean I get to do a few more and not feel bad about it.

If you’ll recall, last year, EK Johnston, one of my favorite authors, wrote a Padme book called Queen’s Shadow, about how Padme became a Senator. This year, she wrote another Padme book, Queen’s Peril, this one about how Padme becomes Queen, and it is–if possible–even better than the last one.

I’m going to drop a controversial opinion here, and just know that I will fight you on it if you want: People who don’t like The Phantom Menace are wrong and this book proves why.

(I know, I know–it’s cheesy and badly paced, the fight with Darth Maul at the end is the only good part, and you have to wade through gungans to get there, but you know what; Padme is there and brilliant, and I love Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan and this is the only time we get them interacting, and while, yes, this movie is ridiculous, it also fills me with joy. It’s just so much fun. Anyway. The book…)

Queen’s Peril is a celebration of that movie and its characters so joyful and so full of heart that it is impossible to put down. Shifting the focus from Anakin and the Jedi to Padme and her handmaidens, the girls truly get what they deserve and we get a fresh point of view for a story that is much beloved and much beleaguered. But for those of us who fell in love with Star Wars again because of the Prequel Trilogy, this book is vital, essential–a realigning of priorities that some of us have been waiting for for 20 years.

With EK Johnston’s signature quiet, character-driven plots, gorgeously interwoven foreshadowing, and obvious love of her subjects, this book blooms in the hands of the reader. Beautiful and soft and soul-satisfying. This one, even more that Queen’s Shadow–if that’s possible–is for the handmaidens: the ones on the page protecting Padme, and those of us who have been fighting for her and the ladies of Star Wars out here, too.

This is Star Wars at its best: full of hope and heart, characters we know and love, new perspectives and ideas on old stoires–by a fan for fans, as it should be.


You can pre-order Queen’s Peril online (it comes out June 2nd), or call the store between 10am and 2pm to reserve a copy!

Happy reading!

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